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About Rational Tools project

About CM-Consult and Rational-Tools project

The CМ-Consult Company was established in 2004. Our company’s main activities are the following: consulting on project management; training on technology of configuration management; support and implementation of IBM Rational technology and tools. We do not simply implement software, but we assist the improvement of operation efficiency of our partners and customers through the promotion of the most advanced information technologies in Russia.

Our company is a business partner of IBM and Microsoft and has the status of the IBM Premier Business Partner.

Only certified professionals and experts whose experience and skills are unchallenged work for our company.

We have successfully completed over 26 projects. For the majority of the most complicated projects, the consultants’ careful approach to the customer’s issues in focus is the guarantee of success.

During years of our operation, we have developed UNIQUE solutions expanding and supplementing the IBM Rational toolkits, which have numerously helped our clients to solve the most complicated tasks.


About the Rational-Tools Project

The Rational-Tools Project was launched in 2008. We turned all best practices, which our specialists applied in projects, into software products that expand and supplement the popular IBM products, such as IBM Rational ClearQuest and IBM Rational Team Concert. The Rational-Tools software products allow to solve complex business tasks and are primarily oriented to project managers, as they make it possible to considerably save the time required for completion of routine. In addition to software, the Rational-Tools division offers the services of adaptation and modification of IBM Rational tools’ configuration as well as development of original solutions under the requirements of customers.

All CM-Consult solutions are registered with IBM Global Solution Directory. Our numerous customers have seen the true value of their consumer performance and stability (see testimonials).

The CM-Consult Company is one of the Russia’s top five consulting companies engaged in implementation of IBM Rational.



Partner Type for IBM:
  • Consultant or Systems Integrator
  • Education Provider
  • Reseller
Relationship & Products:
Reseller Software - Tier 2:
  • Software: Rational Analysis, Design & Construction (N3)
  • Software: Rational Software Configuration Mgmt (N6)
  • Software: Rational Process & Portfolio Management (N7)
  • Software: Rational Suites/Bundles (N8)
  • Software: Rational Services / Training (SJ)
  • IBM Certified Administrator -- Rational ClearCase Windows v2003
  • IBM Certified Administrator -- Rational ClearQuest v2003
  • IBM Certified Administrator -- Rational UCM Fundamentals v2003
  • IBM Certified Solution Designer - IBM Rational Unified Process V7.0
  • IBM Certified Specialist -- Rational Requirements Management w/Use Cases v2003
  • Rational Change & Release Management Technical Sales Professional (v1)
  • Carnegie Mellon, Institute of Software Research:"Quality Assurance"
  • Carnegie Mellon, Institute of Software Research: "Introduction to CMMI  (Staged and Continuous)"
  • Carnegie Mellon, Institute of Software Research: "Project Estimation"
Our Solutions based on IBM Rational tools:

Solutions are registered in IBM
The solutions we offer have successfully leveraged developing capabilities in over 25 projects using IBM Rational tools.

Our Packages & plugins for IBM Rational ClearQuest:
Solutions & Services:

About CM-Consult