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Saturday, 15 May 2010

GanttChart 1.3 for ClearQuestGanttChart for ClearQuest 1.3 is a plug-in for IBM Rational ClearQuest 7.1 or later version. This plug-in is of interest for everybody who uses IBM Rational ClearQuest and who lacks for project management functionality. The module does not substitute the existing project management tools. It just adds operational slices into IBM Rational. For most users, the functions provided by the plug-in are enough for planning and operation management (see more info).

New features in version 1.3:

1. Ability to demonstrate a workload diagram to the owners basing on the selected diagram or general workload by projects:

  • Building the owners workload diagram on basis of the Gantt chart built earlier or data from ClearQuest
  • Representing the owners workload diagram in two views: In task view with ability to perform planning; In bar chart vie
  • Building the workload diagram by owners
  • Distributing change requests into basic (for example, tasks that have planned dates and workload), and auxiliary (for example, defects and enhancement requests that do not have planned dates and workload) by workload
  • Splitting the workload diagram into sections by owners
  • Automatically synchronizing changes in the Gantt chart and the workload diagram to improve the effectiveness of planning

Read more (screenshots and video) -->

2. Support of "family" record types in queries.
3. Ability to export plans into MS Project or XML format. The following fields are being exported: ID, Headline, plan date, actual date, owner, hierarchy of tasks, relations between tasks.
4. Improved graphic user interface.
5. Improved performance of the application when working with large plans with deep hierarchy of tasks.
6. Reduced time of building the state diagram of change requests.

7. On our website, you can download the 15-day fully functional trial version.

See all features and get 15 day trial -->


This solution was developed as a result of an effort of both our specialists and our clients. The idea to create such solution has emerged as a result of close cooperation with our customers and deep understanding of their business problems. In most companies we have cooperated with the planning horizon for tasks and works is measured in months and quarters, but not years. Project managers have often to modify work schedule, update it, establish priorities, and set responsible persons. ClearQuest is a powerful tool that simplifies this process, but it has its limits. In ClearQuest, planning and representation of tasks is performed in flat view, but all managers are used to using the Gantt chart for planning. Unfortunately, the standard ClearQuest package does not provide users with such opportunity. GanttChart for ClearQuest allows managers to save a lot of time while preparing plans of work/tasks and exercising operational control over the project. In absolute terms, a manager spends about 12-16 minutes on rescheduling the average group of connected tasks without using GanttChart. Using GanttChart for ClearQuest, the same operation takes 10-15 seconds. So, using GanttChart for ClearQuest results in increasing the manager’s efficiency and manageability of the whole project. We are greatly pleased to have gained recognition of our contribution from IBM Corporation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  Alexander Novichkov,
CEO, CM-Consult, IBM Rational ClearQuest certify specialist.

 CM-Consult’s GanttChart is a product that was wanted by many project managers using IBM Rational ClearQuest. It allows executing almost every PM’s task within IBM Rational ClearQuest in a new and agile way.

  Vasily Razuvaykin,
Former Rational sales specialist, IBM (2005-2007).

 With GanttChart module my team achieved possibility to plan tasks for  change requests resolving right after acceptance, in the same tool, without any intermediate steps. I recommend this tool as a rapid-planning extension to all teams, which use ClearQuest.
Rustam Zaydullin,
Lead analyst, SCM Specialist, TatNeft (Oil company).

 This is a usefull and successful solution allowing to simplify a life to ClearQuest users who got used to work with Gantt charts. Visualisation of hierarchy and relationships of change requests of different types allows to accelerate the analysis of a current tasks' status and to make a decision faster.
 Dmitry Lapygine,
Rational Technical Specialist, IBM EE/A, SWG Department.

 The major advantage of the GanttChart tool is the ability to graphically represent states of activities. When you have a large number of activities it is difficult to visually represent and estimate them using the grid view only. In such case, a chart is very useful.
Another advantage is the possibility to modify dates of activities in graphic view (i.e. in a chart itself) that simplifies data updating in ClearQuest.
 Jesuino Jose de Freitas Neto,
IT Executive Manager, Banco do Nordeste do Brazil, Federal  Bank of Brazil

 CM-Consult GanttChart is featured in the IBM Global Solutions Directory ID 41151 



Complete demonstration (youtube video and audio comments)


Scenario of the video:

  1. Connecting to the ClearQuest database
  2. Configuring the GanttChart for ClearQuest module
    1. Mapping fields for ALMAcivity
    2. Mapping fields for ALMTask
    3. Mapping fields for ALMRequest
    4. Configuring relations between ALMActivity, ALMTask, ALMRequest
  3. Planning works according to the ALMRequest change request using GanttChart for ClearQuest
    1. Creating a new ALMRequest change request
    2. Executing a query for the new ALMRequest change request 
    3. Starting the GanttChart for ClearQuest module
    4. Building the Gantt chart on basis of the executed query
    5. Creating the ALMTask child tasks for ALMRequest
    6. Importing the results of tasks creation into the Gantt chart
    7. Creating the ALActivity child works for ALMTask
    8. Importing the results of works creation into the Gantt chart
    9. Planning dates for the new ALMActivity, ALMTask, ALMRequest
    10. Saving the results of the planning
    11. Analyzing and correcting possible mistakes made while working with the mandatory fields
    12. Saving the results of the planning
    13. Demonstrating the results of the planning in ClearQuest
  4. Simulating the developer’s work
    1. Starting to work with ALMActivity (specifying the actual start date)
    2. Finishing to work with ALMActivity (specifying the actual finish date)
  5. Building the Gantt chart on basis of several ALMRequest change requests 
    1. Enabling sections for the Gantt chart
    2. Executing query for all ALMRequest change requests
    3. Starting the GanttChart for ClearQuest module
    4. Building the Gantt chart on basis of the executed query
    5. Demonstrating the results of building the chart

Resource management and group operation

State chart mode demonstration(1.2 and 1.3 ver)




Workload menu
Workload menu

Workload tasks
Workload tasks

Workload diagramm
Workload diagram

Workload by owner
Workload by owner



Export to MS Project
Export to MS Project

 GanttChart  1.3 for ClearQuest



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